Jamesway Product Line

Dura-Chain Alley Scrapers | Standard /XL

dura chain alley scrappers for farms and manure systems, sold in Lancaster, PA

The Dura Chain Alley Scrapper is a simple system with very low maintenance. You will find that we offer a wide selection of scraper blades for all your needs.

The simple touch screen for the control panel lets you quickly set up the cleaning schedule you desire.

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Dura-Chain Alley Scrapers | Xtreme /DoubleXL

Dura chain alley scrapper Xtreme sold in Lancaster and Chester, PA

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Vertical Electric Pumps| 12" - 16"

j&j silo offers vertical electric pumps and range from 12

This electric vertical pump offers adjustable position of controls that provide safe access for operators. The balanced driveline eliminates the need for intermediate bearings inside the beam.

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Electric Prop| Agitator

j&j silo offers electric prop agitator for manure and is sold in Lancaster, PA

Our manure agitator offers a propeller that is mounted on an oversized gearbox, assuring long life. The heavy duty motor mount keeps belts aligned.

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